We offer a wide range of content writing and content development services of top quality at affordable rates. We have a team of well-experienced content writing experts, who can write content on any topic or subject and produce original outputs, within a quick turnaround time. Whatever may be your content requirement – be it for websites or corporate brochures or white papers, newsletters, press releases or even emails or anything else, you may approach us any time and get your jobs done on time.

Our services include

Content writing:  Medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and life sciences as well as accounting and academics-related articles

Academic writing:  Research proposals, case study, explication, thesis, dissertation, synopsis, conference paper, technical report and content adaptation for school standards

Research paper writing:  Medical, scientific, pharmaceutical, life sciences, accounting, engineering, management, humanities, social sciences and academics-related topics

Translation:   Of all Indian languages and also French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and Malay

Our content writers are highly skilled in using SEO-friendly keywords within the content to enable chances for your content to get viewed by maximum visitors, by getting listed in the very initial pages of search engines.
Other than the above content writing services, we do offer “Abstract” writing and “Alt Text” writing services too.

Abstract writing service

An abstract is the most important part of any written text, be it a paper or book or so, as it gives information about the content of your book in a nutshell. All online publications definitely need a really good abstract, which alone shows up in the search databases. The purpose is to enable potential readers to easily decide whether the work is relevant to their needs. Abstracts are also included on CD-ROMs and online databases for reference by readers worldwide. Abstracts play the key role of “marketing” your publication.

Our writers are quite good at creating engaging abstracts for your work, ensuring inclusion of all the components of an abstract, such as

(1) “Motivation” – highlighting the importance of your publication, its necessity, and proving how it will bring positive results

(2) “Problem statement” that indicates the problem that you are trying to solve and highlights the scope of your work

(3) “Approach” – explaining the methodology that you will follow to achieve success over the problem

(4) “Results” – that gives out the real picture of the outcome of your attempts

(5) “Conclusions” – that explains the readers the ultimate outcome.

We do have experts in abstract writing, who can write abstracts of any type, such as:

(1) an informative abstract, which is a common type of abstract that is written for a meticulously structured document such as a survey or an investigation or an experiment

(2) an indicative abstract, which is written for a book, editorial or essay, which are less-structured works. Our experts can write excellent abstracts of 30 words for an editorial to 300 words for a book or a thesis.

Our writers are skilled in finding apt keywords that users frequently use in the search engines, keeping in mind that the quality of the abstract plays a vital role in making the work a success.

Our abstract experts always do ensure the ABCs – Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity – are met with in their abstracts, in order to ensure consistency with the original document, to make a brief presentation, and to ensure that the reader has a clear understanding of the content.

Alt Text writing service

Alt text or Alternative text, which is just a word or a group of words (phrase), is basically an attribute inserted in an HTML document to enable the website visitors to understand an image or its contents. Alt text writing is indeed very useful to visually challenged readers, as they can now understand the images in a book and gain equal knowledge like any sighted person. Alt tags are invisible descriptions of images which are read aloud to such special users on a screen reader. Moreover, Alt text is indeed required in case of missing links of an image due to problems like a broken URL.

Our experts are skilled in writing Alt text which conveys to the viewers exact information about the image in just a few words. Alt text plays a vital role in improving the SEO of your website since it contains relevant keywords.



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