Books converted into digital format and published to be available/accessible online as well as in electronic reader devices are called eBooks. These are indeed very much preferred by readers across the globe as they can have these handy any time in their hand-held devices such as a Smartphone, Tablet, etc. Some books are published only as eBooks without a printed version, as an eBook serves to be the equivalent of a printed book or even better, as it saves a lot of space, is convenient to use, is cost-effective, and can be produced faster than printed books.

We create wonderful eBooks

We have high-level proficiency in technical, design, and editorial areas of eBook creation, and can adhere to the applicable format restrictions as well as device specifications. Our experts have hands-on experience in creating eBooks ideal for different platforms like iPad and reading devices.

Our key eBook services include

  • Conversion of documents to any of the eBook formats, namely PDF, Mobi, ePUB, and ePUB3.
  • Producing eBook covers
  • Designing and formatting of layouts for eBooks
  • Altering and improving of images in eBooks



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