What is editorial proofreading (EPR)?

Oversights are inevitable particularly when writing and even after editing a book. Yet, readers cannot digest a book with grammatical or spelling errors. Such errors may occur in spite of keen focus, due to various reasons. Editorial Proofreading (EPR) is a process that involves thorough checking of the final pages of the proof of a publication before it is finalized for print. The purpose of performing EPR is mainly to spot surface errors and ensure that the final pages are error-free. To be precise, EPR is a systematic process to catch each and every single error.

Why EPR is needed?

Editorial Proofreading involves checking of the proofs for font size, headings and captions style, end-of-line hyphens, page flow, page breaks, page layout, and design as well. Further, word-to-word content match is also done in cases where it is a must. Thus, EPR is indeed a vital process that is employed to confirm that your manuscripts are copyedited in the requested/required level in terms of style, consistency, typos, grammar, and sense.

Our EPR service

Ours is a team of well-experienced expert Proofreaders, who give complete focus to detail in order to recognize even most minuscule slips like punctuation marks, etc. Further, they focus on language consistency and formatting as well. They proofread your content methodically and their vast experience enables them to capture and eliminate common errors without missing any. Thus, we can assure you to provide comprehensive proofreading service that is extremely reliable.

Our services include

Proofreading of Website Content, Books of all types (Fiction, Reference and Educational), Research Papers, Essays, Magazines as well as business-related content such as Advertisements, Articles, Newsletters, Brochures and Proposals. Other than these, we do offer EPR services for autobiographies and biographies, and content of any type.



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