What is indexing?

Indexing is a vital process for publications Index, which is a key element of any publication, especially research publications, is indeed very helpful to readers to identify and locate any information that they look for in a content. The readers could do so by referring to the index where the key terms as well as concepts are displayed in a systematic order – thus, the index enables quick reference to the information sought by the users, with ease. Moreover, Index is a must to have your book gain more value among readers.

What does an indexer do?

An indexer is required to carefully analyse the text in order to identify the important concepts and capture the right keywords and also to provide links between related and even un-named concepts. Indexers insert pointers/locators and link the same to the text associated with the particular index term or phrase within the content of the publication.

Our indexing service

We carry out exclusive indexing for books and journals from scratch as well as with the keywords provided by authors. We do insertion of pointers, check page flow, and style the index as per the specifications of the customers. We can handle revised editions too.
Our indexers do a deep study of the content and gain better understanding in order to ensure that each topic as well as section is provided with relevant indexes. They are highly skilled in discerning the audience’s search options with regard to specific topics and provide appropriate keywords and key concepts accordingly and work to ensure maximum accuracy.
Our team of indexers possess good editing and writing skills and hence are capable of reviewing, compiling, and determining an effective index.



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