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“Rights and Permissions” with regard to book publishing refers to obtaining permission from the owner of any content or image or video, etc., when the same is required to be reused in your own book as a reference. You cannot use someone’s content as such without their consent. It is important to take their permission legally. To cite any reference material from other publications in a printed or ebook, you need to get proper approval from the content owners (publishing houses or other businesses).

To give such approvals, each organization has some methodology that is followed; in most cases, you will be required to submit the details of the permissionable material in a prescribed form. Big organizations, especially publishers, have a team dedicated for this purpose, namely “Rights team” or so. You will be asked to send your information to this team’s email ID or update and submit the format they have provided in their website.

How we work with rights and permissions

Obtaining rights and permissions for content is a highly complex task and requires experienced hands. Our team at Onpaper works on your behalf to save the time and effort involved in such a process.

Our team of Rights and Permissions experts identify all third party selections picked from various sources by the author. They will then analyse and find out which category the particular third party selection belongs to. Following this, they categorize it as “Permissions” or “Fair Use” or “Public domain” or “Author Created,” as appropriate. Once this is done, they will forward the permission request to the concerned individual or organization/publisher, who is the Rights Holder and do the needful to obtain permissions on behalf of you. They handle this task efficiently, by negotiating with the Rights Holder tactfully and acquire the permissions at a minimal fees possible.

Our team’s expertise in Rights and Permissions is as follows:

  • Familiarity with subsidiary rights licensing, including foreign rights and merchandising.
  • Manage permissions for large textbooks and media products.
  • Knowledge on a wide scope of rights, including print and electronic versions, audio, video and music recording.



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