Our editorial training services

We offer editorial training services to individuals who possess good language skills, to aspiring authors, and employees of typesetting companies. We give training in the following areas: copyediting, editorial proofreading, indexing, and copyrights. We also welcome individuals who wish to improve their writing skills in English to make use of our trainings. We do have plans to make this a full-fledged online publishing course in the near future, which can be accessed from any part of the world.

Objective of our training program

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly curriculum on e-publishing, which will equip the learner with hands-on skills in key areas such as copyediting, indexing, rights and permissions, and editorial proofreading. Our target audience for these trainings are: In-house Copyeditors (Refresher Training), Freshers, Freelancers as well as Interested Employees from other domains, such as Project Managers/Customer Service Executives and Tool Developers.


Our training on copyediting is focused on Grammar and Usage, under which we cover the following: Parts of Speech, Tense and Verb, Active and Passive Voice, Subject-verb agreement, Singular/Plural noun, Hyphenation, Articles, Punctuation, Misspelled words/Spelling, Capitalization, Modifiers, Restrictive, and Non-Restrictive clauses.

We also train you on how to edit the different parts of a book, such as Editing Front Matter, Editing Part Titles and Chapter or Article Titles, Editing Subheads, Editing Cross-References, Table Editing and Figure Editing, Formatting, Reference Citations (Name-date/Harvard and Numbered/Vancouver), Bibliography Editing, Nomenclature, Glossary, Prefixes, and Suffixes.

Our publishing style for training

We train you in The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, one of the most widely used publishing style.

Editorial Proofreading

Training on editorial proofreading will be in the following areas: Proofreading Symbols, Textual and Marginal Markings, Page Layout and Design, Word-to-Word Content Match.


Training on indexing will include generating key words, page number insertion, checking page flow, and styling as per the specifications.

Rights and permissions

Training under rights and permissions (copyrights) covers: Assessment, Fair Use, Public Domain, Permission Required, Research, Author Created, Log Entry/Data Entry, Scrub, Permission Clearance, In-house Rights/Blanket Rights, Clearance Process, Rights Covered, Challenging Rights holder.

Duration of the training

Copyediting and Editorial Proofreading

  • One month – Four hours per day
  • Two months – Two hours per day

Rights and Permissions [Text]

  • One month – Two hours per day


  • Fifteen days – Two hours per day

Training at your doorstep

We arrange Facilitators/Trainers/Instructors to organize training for new employees in corporates and assist in the transition to new business systems. [Above specified areas]

Training faculty

Our training faculty members are subject matter experts (SMEs) in their respective fields. Not restricting themselves to a single domain, they have immense knowledge of other fields too.

How extensively do we train you?

We can train you to become truly masterful in the editorial field, and get familiar with all its nuances and rules. You will have the choice of taking training only on specific areas, in case you do not prefer to take up the complete training.

For further information on training schedules, locations, prices, and special offers, please write to us.



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